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Motor oils are a huge mix of lubricants, solvents and other chemicals that help keep the engine from breaking down and getting rusty. The engine needs to generate a little friction against the surfaces when you accelerate or drive slow for a long time. Those moving parts may also use hydraulic fluids, coolants and fuel to power themselves.

Motor oils are the most important part of your engine. But the gold standard have remained the same for generations.


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SL Product Image Product Name Rating Action

Rotary 5951 & 5952 Long & Short Oil Seal Boot Set for Snapper 7075115YP 7015115


Rotary Oil Filter Replaces Kohler 12 050 01


Rotary 15181 Oil Filter


Best Oil For Rotary Engine Reviews

Rotary 5951 & 5952 Long & Short Oil Seal Boot Set for Snapper 7075115YP 7015115

Product Highlights:

– Set Includes (1) Short Boot & (1) Long Boot
– Short Boot Specs-* * Length: 8-1/4*
– * Fits Snapper Part #* s 1-7083, 7075115, 7075115YP & 75115
– * F
– its Oem Part #1-7081
– * 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty
– * Inflation: 5952 N / 32 LBS
– * Deflation: 5951 N / 48 LBS
– * Long Boot Specs-* * Length: 11 5/8

Rotary Oil Seal Boot Set for Snapper 7075115YP 7015115. * *Set Includes (1) Short Oil Seal Boot & (1) Long Oil Seal Boot* *Length: (8-14)*, * Fits Snapper Part #s 1-7083, 7075115, 7075115YP (1-7453) & 75115* *Oil Seal Boot Set For Snapper 7075115YP 7015115.

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Rotary Oil Filter Replaces Kohler 12 050 01

Product Highlights:

– Fits Models 17, 23, 18, 19, 22 and 25
– Each unit contains an integral absolute filter that can be cleaned and reused
– Filter can be turned to either side of the thread direction to change or clean the filter in place without draining fluid
– Has a full-flow bypass system that traps the filter media during assembly
– Made of high-quality paper filter media with one-inch cells

The square inlet of the cylinder is oiled by the oil from a nozzle into which the fluid has been sprayed. The oil is created by one of three methods; pin holes such as in a screen, axial holes in the tube and radial holes. Oil flows out of the inlet port, and enters one or more spiral grooves, the strength, depth and shape of the groove guaranteeing a uniform passage for the particle-laden fluid for any point on its circumference.

The centrifugal force of rotation, acting on the heavier particles in the oil, makes them accumulate as a layer near the wall of the cylinder. At the same time, the hydraulic force, acting on the non-rigid particles in the oil, renders them more or less entrained with in the oil. Ratios of rotational speed and hydraulic load are thus necessary to cause separation of particles from a mixed fluid.

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Rotary 15181 Oil Filter

Product Highlights:

– -Fits Engine Models: LC1P92F-1, 121-3970
– -Replaces Toro/Exmark Models: 126-5234, 120-4276, 127-9222
– The Rotary 12335 replacement rotor oil filter fits the engine models LC1P92F-1
– , 121-3970, and SV820/LC1P92F . The replacement fits Toro/Exmark models 126-5234, 120-4276, and 127-9222.

You ever just not know what you’re looking for? I need an oil filter for my mower, but it’s not clear which filter I need. I know that Toro and Exmark have different oil filters, 122-4312 and 2133, respectively. But what I can’t figure out is whether the engine requires the Toro or the Exmark.

What if this mower has a Toro engine and I use the Exmark filter? WHAT DO I DO THEN?!. I just can’t keep track anymore.

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Frequently Asked Question

What type of oil does RX7 use?

RX7 uses SAE 5W-30 oil.

Is synthetic oil good for rotary engine?

Yes, it is.

What oil does a 1990 RX-7 take?

The RX-7 takes 5w30 oil.

Is synthetic oil good for older motors?

Synthetic oil is good for older motors, but it is not necessary.

What oil does a 13B use?

The 13B uses SAE 10W-30 oil.


For a perfect engine, every detail matters and oil is arguably one of the most important.