Top Best Gauge Kanthal For Rda Based On Customer Ratings

The best gauge kanthal for rda is a common question in our vaping daily forums. Most people want the best wire for their preference, not just any wire. Our goal in this article is to help vapers pick the perfect kanthal that suits their needs.

Kanthal has been in use since the 1800’s, and since it has been replace by heat resist varnishes. Kanthal is a type of stainless steel (through it may be nickel silver clad) that can withstand high temperatures.


Comparison Chart For Best Gauge Kanthal For Rda

SL Product Image Product Name Rating Action

Kanthal A1-100 – 24 Gauge Resistance Wire


Kanthal A1-100 – 22 Gauge Resistance Wire


TEMCo Kanthal A1 wire 16 Gauge 25 Ft Resistance AWG A-1 ga


Best Gauge Kanthal For Rda Reviews

Kanthal A1-100 – 24 Gauge Resistance Wire

Product Highlights:

– Kanthal A-1 Resistance Wire is perfect for all your winding needs. Whether you are making coil windings, replacing a damaged PCB trace, or checking the line resistance of your ignition system, resistors will get the job done right. They come in convenient easy-to-use 10 ft polycoil.
– You can vape all day with Kanthal A-1 Resistance Wire because it is resistant to high heat and keeps optimum resistance as electricity travels through it. ((Everyone loves easy and versatile, right? Let’s not forget the ohm’s per foot that we were looking for!)
– Easy-to-use 10 ft

Kanthal A1-100 wire is a popular annealed steel resistance wire used as a resistor in resistive heating devices and as welding rods for AC manufacturers. The wire is essentially an “annealed bright” copper-nickel-chromium alloy. The chromium content of the alloy is intended to inhibit corrosion. Kanthal wire possesses extremely good oxidation resistance. This resistance wire is available in either an “anneal bright” condition or as an “aged bright” condition.

Aged bright wire is used as a resistor in AC makers because it melts at higher temperatures than the annealed bright wire.

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Kanthal A1-100 – 22 Gauge Resistance Wire

Product Highlights:

– Durable wire ideal for temperature up to 1400* C
– For use in electronics
– 22 gauge strand wire at 100 feet
– Annealed Bright
– Kanthal A-1 wire -22 Gauge Resistance Wire for use as a resistor in electronics projects. 1.31 Ohms/ft Resistance.
– For use at temperatures up to 1400* C (2550*F).

Kanthal A-1, Material type: Iron, Max Temperature: 1400* C (2550* F), Diameter: 0.1mm, Tensile strength: 1400 kgmm2. Kanthal A-1 is an iron wire that has been heat treated for increased strength and flexibility. It is ideally suited for use as a heating element in electric furnaces and kitchen stove applications.

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TEMCo Kanthal A1 wire 16 Gauge 25 Ft Resistance AWG A-1 ga

Product Highlights:

– -Perfectly tensioned. Zero elongation, scratches or other flaws ensure quality wire on every spool.
– -ZERO contaminates. Clean production environment houses the spooling process. Hands-off computerized spooling eliminates skin salts and oils.
– -100% American made. All T
– EMCo wire is produced and spooled right here in the USA.
– -Alloy: Kanthal A-1 (22% Cr, 5.8% Al, Fe balance). Rated for temperatures up to 1400*C (2550*F).
– One of the most widely used grades of

TEMCo wire is some of the highest quality wire available in the industry. There are many grades of wire that are available on the market, and oftentimes consumers will have questions about what type of wire they should be purchasing. Let’s examine TEMCo Kanthal A1 high-temp wire and what to expect in terms of performance. This wire offers both superb temperature stability and excellent corrosion resistance due to the high level of aluminum present in the Kanthal alloy, 22% Cr, 5.8% Al, Fe balance.

The thermal properties of TEMCo Kanthal A1 wire are some of the most impressive that you will find. The alloy is rated for use at temperatures up to 1400* C (2550* F) yet it has an absolutely controlled temperature coefficient, with a nominal coefficient of expansion over 100* from room temperature to 1200* C of 13.5×10-6K.

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Frequently Asked Question

What wire is best for RDA?

The best wire for RDA is Kanthal A1.

What is N80 wire?

N80 wire is a kind of high temperature resistant wire, it is made of copper and nickel.

What is Ni80 coil?

Ni80 coil is a new type of heating wire, it is made of Nickel and 80% of Nickel.

What is the best wire to make vape coils?

The best wire to make vape coils is Kanthal A1.

What is the best vape coil wire?

The best vape coil wire is the one that works best for you.


In order to find the best gauge kind of kanthal for an RDA, you will want to figure out what wattage rating your RDA is. If your RDA is a lower wattage, then thicker gauge kanthal would be most likely better because it will provide more heat resistance. Heavier gauge kanthal is better for beginners because it’s not too thin, and is brittle so it’s less likely to break a piece off and have it in your mouth or blow out your insulation.