Top Best Coilovers For Ls400 In [2022]

The Lexus LS400 is a luxury sedan from Japan’s Lexus. The ’90s model has been known for its sedan exclusiveness, its solid longevity, and the worst coilovers in the world. But, did you know they’ve improved? New coils are up for grabs! Moreover, read on to find the best coilovers for the Lexus LS400.

… What are coilovers?

Any hardcore automotive enthusiasts will tell you that “coils” are, in general, bits of metal springs, rubbery wires to dampen vibration, and tie rods used to corner the wheels.


Comparison Chart For Best Coilovers For Ls400

SL Product Image Product Name Rating Action

maXpeedingrods Coilovers Suspension Kit for Lexus LS400 XF10 1990-1994 or for Toyota Celsior 1990-1994 Coil Spring Over Shock Front Rear


Godspeed MRS1460 MonoRS Coilover Suspension Lowering Kit for Lexus LS400 (UCF20) 1995-00


Godspeed MSS0240 MonoSS Coilover Lowering Kit


Best Coilovers For Ls400 Reviews

maXpeedingrods Coilovers Suspension Kit for Lexus LS400 XF10 1990-1994 or for Toyota Celsior 1990-1994 Coil Spring Over Shock Front Rear

Product Highlights:

– Estimated Front Spring Rate: 48 lbs/in
– Estimated Rear Spring Rate: 53 lbs/in
– 24 Levels of Adjustable Dampers
– High Tensile Performance Springs
– The Steel Suspension Rods are connected with Race-proven Bushes and an Anti-Corrosive agent to ensure
– a Smooth Ride

Some of the benefits of maxpeedingrods coilovers suspension kit b>include:b>. Direct and good quality > We only use the best and most decent full-grain top quality top-chrome covered steel, similar grade as HYUNDAI OEM. Experience craftsmanship design > Maxpeedingrods has 10 years of production experience, its design team takes input know-how from foreign auto engineers. 24 levels of adjustable damper > This allows you the ability to perfectly dial in your coilovers system.

For a nice comfortable driving, set damping to full soft. For more spirited driving, set it to 16 clicks. For occasional track days, set it to full stiff. gh Tensile performance spring > Under 600,000 times continuously test, the spring distortion is less than 0.04%.

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Godspeed MRS1460 MonoRS Coilover Suspension Lowering Kit for Lexus LS400 (UCF20) 1995-00

Product Highlights:

– -Works as air-to-coil conversion kit
– -Spring Rate (Front/Rear): 12 kg/mm/10 kg/mm
– -Damping Levels: 32 Rebound Force Levels
– -52mm Mono-Tube Steel Alloy Shock With 32 Levels of Damping Adjust
– ment;;;;
– -Performance Internal Piston With Koyo Japan 6204z Bearing Provides Smooth Stroke;
– -Powder Coated CNC Machined Aluminum And Carbon Steel Accessories;
– -Independent Spring Tension And Height Adjustment;
– -Racing Grade Shock

Choosing the Right Coilover – Coilovers are also devices that allow the lowering or raising of a car’s ride height. On some coilover setups, the height of the suspension can be changed to bring it into “parallel” with your new wheels. Geometric adjustability is almost always an option on the most expensive coilover setups. This means that even if your car’s suspension geometry has poorer performance for racing, you can adjust the positioning of the coilovers to compensate which usually involves raising up the top hats slightly.

Common problems with low-end coilovers. The most common problems associated with low-end coilovers are cheap price and fast wear. Coils with cheaper shocks will typically be made with cheap damping, cheap racing oil, cheap top hats, cheap chrome sleeves in the innersprings, and very few innersprings in each pack oars.

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Godspeed MSS0240 MonoSS Coilover Lowering Kit

Product Highlights:

– Spring Rate (Front/Rear): 12 kg/mm/10 kg/mm
– Damping Levels: 16 Rebound Force Levels
– 52mm Mono-Tube Stainless Steel Shock With 16 Levels of Damping Adjustment
– Independent Spring Tension And Height Adjustment -Springs are mounted
– externally and self-adjust for ride height
– Racing Grade Shock Oil With High Viscosity Index -Allows for increased internal damping
– Requires Basic Toolset to install
– Full 1 Year Limited Warranty from date of purchase

Feel like driving like a racing pro? Godspeed MSS0240 MonoSS coilover kit will be your new best friend. Able to lower the car up to 4 inches, this kit provides unmatched performance. Each kit is fully customizable with 58 compressionrebound settings and individual spring tension and height adjustment. The “Mono” in MSS0240 kit’s name stands for mono-tube, stainless steel shocks that are long-lasting and rarely give up on you before you’re ready to quit.

They are designed with multi-strand coton wire reinforced sides to discourage microbend fatigue, which means that your kit will be effective for years on. Godspeed MSS0240 also features a performance internal piston with Koyo Japan 6204Z bearing for smooth stroke, connectionless dual valve springs, and camber-correcting upper sleeves for an adjustable range of adjustment alignment.

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Frequently Asked Question

How bad are Ebay coilovers?

They are not bad at all. They are a good budget coilover for the money.

What are cheap coilovers?

Cheap coilovers are the ones that are not made by reputable companies. They are usually made in China and they are not tested for quality.

How long do cheap coilovers last?

Cheap coilovers are made of low quality materials and will not last as long as high quality coilovers.

How many miles is a lot for coilovers?

It depends on the coilovers. For example, if you are looking at a set of coilovers that are designed for a street car, they will typically have around 10k to 20k miles on them. If you are looking at a set of coilovers that are designed for a track car, they will typically have around 5k to 10k miles on them.

Are cheap coilovers worth it?

Cheap coilovers are not worth it. Cheap coilovers are cheap for a reason. They are made with cheap materials and have poor quality control. Cheap coilovers will not last as long as a good set of coilovers.