Buying Guide For Best Bolt Cutters For Chain Link Fence Based On Customer Ratings

The bolt cutter is a normal hand tool – Found Found near the padlock-designed to use a pair of large anvils to snip a metal rod or wire – Like Like a bolt. The objects created from hand-forged hand-forged wire or from wire rope cannot be cut with regular scissors that are not designed for the shear. The bolt cutter has two levers which, when squeezed between thumb and fingers by each hand, meet at the cutting head to produce a smooth indentation in the wire. Some tool sets offer sets of pliers-like handles for this simple but highly functional tool.


Comparison Chart For Best Bolt Cutters For Chain Link Fence

SL Product Image Product Name Rating Action

WORKPRO W017004A Bolt Cutter Bi-Material Handle with Soft Rubber Grip


Edward Tools Bolt Cutter 14” – Heavy Duty Forged T8 Steel Blade Cuts Steel Wire


Tech 14” Bolt Cutter Compound Action


GreatNeck BC24 24 Inch Bolt Cutters – Cut Through Chain Link


HK Porter 0190MCD Power Link Bolt Cutter


Best Bolt Cutters For Chain Link Fence Reviews

WORKPRO W017004A Bolt Cutter Bi-Material Handle with Soft Rubber Grip

Product Highlights:

– Bolt Cutter Bi-Material Handle with Soft Rubber Grip
– Cutting Locks Not Recommended
– Drop Forged Chrome Molybdenum Steel and Powder Coated Jaws for Sure and Efficient Cutting and Long Life. Ergonomic Bi-Material Anti-Slip Grips Provides Greater Control and Comfort in
– Cutting
– Classic Lever-Fulcrum Design and Precisely Aligned Blades Deliver Added Leverage With Less Effort
– Shiny Teflon Coated Screws for Greater Durability and Providing Even More Effort to Lever-fulcrum Design. Controlled By Buttons on the Handle. Bolt

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All Four Sides Are Supported By A Thick Frame Shackle Construction. The welding And Assembly Is Robust Yet Minimized.

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Edward Tools Bolt Cutter 14” – Heavy Duty Forged T8 Steel Blade Cuts Steel Wire

Product Highlights:

– Heavy duty forged t8 steel blade
– Cuts wire, chain link fence, metal rods, screws, locks and thinner padlocks
– Ergonomic rubber grip handle for greater leverage to cut
– Lifetime Warranty -We guarantee all Edward Tools products for life
– View: Edwared Tools Bolt Cutter 14″ -Heavy Duty Forged T8 Steel Blade Cuts Steel Wire
– Edward Tools Bolt Cutter 14″ -Heavy Duty Forged T8 Steel Blade Cuts Steel Wire
– Lifted with humanscore

Finding the perfect bolt cutter to partner with for a lifetime can be a chore. Welcome to the Edward Tools, Heavy Duty T8 Forged Steel, Bolt Cutters 14″. Made from a general steel material called Medium Carbon Steel, general steel can hold a good amount of strength making it a durable and versatile option for both DIY jobs and professionals. Coming in this slick design, the 14″ bolt cutter is 11 58″ overall height and includes an ergonomic and patented rubber grip for a better job and to ease the operator’s pain.

Composed of T8 heat treated steel blades, you can be assured these tough blades will not break. Durable blades stand to understand chain links all the way to pesky screws. And with a handle length of 14″, you are able to reach deep into stubborn tight spots that would normally require two handed cutting.

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Tech 14” Bolt Cutter Compound Action

Product Highlights:

– 1). Compound Action-The universal joint that splits the load while you’re cutting.
– 2). Heavy duty alloy steel jaws-Thick, strong steel for use on cutting jobs.
– 1). Half inch ( 12.7mm) opening-And good size for smaller size projects.
– 2
– ). Depth of Cut Adjustment Screw-To let you cut different size products.

(James Martin). Where the heavy-duty jaws slide along the post, the user can make an accurate swipe or cut around an object without hampering their stability. (Martin) This procelain coated cutter is perfect for quick and high-efficiency cutting jobs. (Martin) The blades are made up of heavy-duty alloy steel which make it possible to cut through bolts, threaded rod, wire, mesh, chain links, wire fence, and more.

(Martin) Heavy duty grips are installed on the handles to make sure that this cutting tool is easy to use without having to worry about the user slipping during the cutting process. The cutting head of the bolt cutter is composed of 0.5 inches, being 12.7 mm wide, capable of opening for maximum of 12.7 mm thick material.

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GreatNeck BC24 24 Inch Bolt Cutters – Cut Through Chain Link

Product Highlights:

-MAXIMUM CUTTING POWER Forged S2Steel construction for the best cutting power

-CUT THROUGH ALMOST ANYTHING You can cut through chainlink, barbed wire, nails, bolts and most soft to medium metals

-COMPOUND ACTION JAW Wide opening area for different size materials

-WIDGETS MEMBERSHIP COMPARISON Handsome handle design with ergonomic vinyl grips provide maximum control and comfort while you are working

GreatNeck BC24 24 Inch Bolt Cutters – Cut Through Chain Link. *MAXIMUM CUTTING POWER*: This bolt cutter features forged S2 steel construction for the best cutting power.
*CUT THROUGH ALMOST ANYTHING* When you have to cut through something tough, all you need is this GreatNeck cutter. This tool can cut through chain link, barbed wire, nails, bolts, and most soft-to-medium metals.
*COMPOUND-ACTION JAW* This effective jaw structure has a 516* open capacity, so it’s flexible for your project or repair.
*WARRANTY PROTECTION* *If something happens to your folding bolt cutters during daily, common use, then there’s no need to stress.

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HK Porter 0190MCD Power Link Bolt Cutter

Product Highlights:

– The HK Porter 0190MCD Bolt Cutter is designed for professionals who need to cut through various materials including bolts, electric wire, chain link fences, pin chains, rods, screws and winches. Precision ground induction hardened blades stand up to use through tough materials. Precise measuring scale is laser engraved at every quarter inch
– to provide accurate measurements for repetitive cutting. Allows you to make precision cuts with less effort due to its built in powerlink design.
– -Precision ground induction hardening of blades for extended edge lifespan
– -Measuring scale etched on blade for precise measure setup regardless of how many times it’s been used
– –

There are many occasions when you don’t want to cut wire using wire cutter. Wire cutting is generally more difficult than with bolt cutters but the right tools often get the job done more effectively. An excellent example is HK Porter 0190MCD Power Link Bolt Cutter which will come in really handy no matter what type of cutting jobs you might need to do.

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With a 10 inch overall length this power bolt cutter tool is great for most situations where the blades will fit. A precision ground, induction hardened blade is designed with great care to cut right through most materials which make it the perfect tool to facilitate better cutting. The T shaped design with safety shear underneath jaws works tough to cut all types of safety wire, electric wire, chain links, bailing wire, even tough plants that grown wildly.

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Frequently Asked Question

Will 18 inch bolt cutters cut a padlock?

Yes, 18 inch bolt cutters can cut a padlock.

What tool do you use to cut a chain link fence?

A pair of bolt cutters.

How do you cut chain link fence?

You can use a pair of bolt cutters to cut chain link fence.

How do I choose a bolt cutter?

There are many different types of bolt cutters, and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing to consider is the material you will be cutting. If you will be cutting steel, then a bolt cutter with hardened jaws is a must. If you will be cutting bolts that are made of softer metals, then a bolt cutter with replaceable blades may be more appropriate.

What size bolt cutters do I need for a chain link fence?

Chain link fences are made from galvanized steel wire. The wire is very strong and can be difficult to cut. You will need a bolt cutter that is designed for cutting steel.


Victorinox bolt cutters are best bolt cutters for chain link fence because, they are cost-effective, easy to use, very durable.

By Jesse Aaron

Introduction: Bolt cutters are used to cut metal, wire rope, or fence parts. The best bolt cutters would be Victorinox bolt cutters because, they are cost-effective, easy to use, and durable. Bolt cutters come in a range of prices but the Victorinox ones are a good medium.


Cost-effective: Bolt cutter price ranges from $19 to $99.