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Comparison Chart For Best Aftermarket Shocks For Polaris Ranger

SL Product Image Product Name Rating Action

Polaris Ranger 500 2×4 4×4 6×6 2005 Gas Struts Shocks X2 OEM: 7041762


Factory Spec 1515-0646 Front Gas Shock Polaris Ranger 900 XP


Bronco AU-04431 2 Rear Gas Shocks Polaris Ranger 400 570 Replaces OEM #s 7043934 & 7044139


Polaris New OEM Dump Box Shock Ranger RGR 570 900 1000 7044674


Best Aftermarket Shocks For Polaris Ranger Reviews

Polaris Ranger 500 2×4 4×4 6×6 2005 Gas Struts Shocks X2 OEM: 7041762

Product Highlights:

– Built to meet or exceed original equipment quality standards
– Meets or exceeds the quality of OEM
– Fits 2005 Polaris Ranger 500 2×4 / 2005 Polaris Ranger 500 4×4 / 2005 Polaris Ranger 500 6×6 4×4 Trailing Arm Wrench
– , Locking-Hex Metric, 10MM Bobcat Tools 72732
– Adjusts and locks the play in the bushing and caster, adjusts and locks the wheel’s camber: -1 degree to +5 degrees
– One wrench tightens both ball joint studs evenly Outer Tie Rod Nut

Polaris Ranger 500. 2×4 4×4 6×6. 2005. 271cc, 5 hp. Price: $4,999.00 (Brand New 4×4 version).
Engineered with high-quality materials and construction.
All Prowler ranger side by side vehicles are built with heavy-duty steel frames and fiber-glass hoods, cabs, and trays. The rugged G-Force liquid cooled V-Twin engine features liquid cooling, emissions controls, RFI emissions gear box, Prowler patented Electronic Controlled 5th Gear Start (E5GS).

The front differentials are solid steel construction with steel plates. All fuel lines are protected with braided stainless steel lines. An automatic, torque sensing clutch (ATC) with reverse assist (twin leavers) is standard equipment.

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Factory Spec 1515-0646 Front Gas Shock Polaris Ranger 900 XP

Product Highlights:

– -Made by Dubro
– -Front, gas, Polaris ranger 900 XPs only
– -Upgrade your old shocks to heavy duty gas shocks
– -Adjustable for different ride conditions
– -Rugged design has 10% stiffer springs than standard
– -Manufacturer Part Number: 1515-0646
– Factory Spec 1515-0646 Front Gas Shock Polaris Ranger 900 XPs provide a gas action for quick response and they come with 10% stiffer springs than stock. They also come with replaceable bushings and all-inclusive installation hardware. The rugged design compensates for the extra weight of large tires

Looking for a durable bit of equipment to absorb the ripple of a rough terrain? What’s better than a shock absorber? If you’re seeking heavy duty vehicle shocks for your vehicle, look no further! At Factory Spec, we offer a range of after market gas shock kits. If you’re not quite sure which one would suit your needs best, look no further.

For this article, our team inspected one of Factory Spec’s most popular after-market gas shock kits, the Standard-Series Front Gas Shock – Black 1515-0646. This 5+4 inch gas shock was designed for use on the Polaris Ranger 900 XP, so anyone who is looking to upgrade theirs to something better will definitely want to consider getting one. What exactly can these after-priimary market gas shocks offer you? They are adjustable for different ride conditions, rugged, and 10% stiffer than standard-series gas shocks.

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Bronco AU-04431 2 Rear Gas Shocks Polaris Ranger 400 570 Replaces OEM #s 7043934 & 7044139

Product Highlights:

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– Heavy duty shocks provide the best ride quality
– Easily adjustable to suit varying riding conditions
– 10% stiffer springs than standard shocks help to control chassis movement for increased stability
– Rugged design complements all Ranger 400 models with enough pulling power to do tough jobs with ease
– A pair;
– suitable for both front and rear shocks
– This is a PAIR of heavy-duty shock absorbers for the rear of any Polaris Ranger 400. Gas-phase bladders quickly inflate and adjust high-pressure gas to better cushion the ride. The product also features a 10% stiffer spring than standard shocks which

Bronco AU-04430, 2 rear gas shocks. Polaris Ranger 400 570 Heavy Duty Replacement Shock Absorbers. Eliminate bouncing and rough handling with these Bronco Heavy Duty Gas Shocks. Made of high quality rubber to ensure durability, they can adapt to different driving conditions and come equipped with adjustable pistons. Package includes 2. If you’re looking for replacement shock absorbers for your Ranger 400 570, then look no further! Bronco Heavy Duty Gas Shocks are tough enough to withstand tough conditions.

They are easy to install thanks to the pre-installed hardware and adjustable struts.

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Polaris New OEM Dump Box Shock Ranger RGR 570 900 1000 7044674

Product Highlights:

– Polaris New OEM Dump Box Shock
– fits Rangers RGR 570 900 1000
– Sold each
– superseded from 7044674

Kevin Parks has been in the ranger, 44, and smittybilt market for nearly a decade. In that time, he’s seen a lot of customers wanting one thing in common, a nicer towing package. But people tow their Ranger with 4 wheel drives, which is why they want the cool stuff to make it look right on their ‘new’ SUV they use for this purpose.

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The items on your own ranger are perfect for driving around town, but not quite perfect for this scenario. Keeping that in mind we researchedshock mounts and coilovers for the Ranger and we know we’re making your life easier here by narrowing down the options for you. There are plenty of selections, but not many shocks and coilovers designed specifically for the Ranger.

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Frequently Asked Question

How do I make my Polaris Ranger ride smoother?

The Polaris Ranger is a great vehicle, but it can be a little rough on the road. If you want to make your ride smoother, you can install a set of shocks. This will help to absorb some of the bumps in the road and make your ride more comfortable.

How much does a Polaris 1000 Ranger cost?

The cost of a new Polaris 1000 Ranger is $8,999.00.

Can you put RZR shocks on a Ranger?

Yes, you can put RZR shocks on a Ranger.

What is performance mode on Polaris Ranger?

Performance mode is a feature that allows the operator to select a higher engine speed for increased performance. This mode is only available on the 800 and 900 models.

Who makes Ranger UTVs?

Ranger UTVs are made by Polaris Industries, Inc.


A lot of owners of the polaris ranger feel that upgrades to springs and shocks can improve ride height, height adjustability, controlled dampening, and weight distribution.

There are many aftermarket shocks on the market for polaris rangers.