City Eats Reservations

Serving Lunch Monday–Friday, 11:30am–5pm
Note: Menus change frequently and are subject to change without notice.


Broccolini $7
red peppers, walnut, feta

Spiced Beets $7
chocolate, hazelnut, citrus

Marinated Olives $6
citrus peel, chili

Roasted Cauliflower $7
pecorino, mint

Brussels Sprouts $8
pancetta, maple yogurt

Fritto Misto $8
peewee potato, pepperoncini, fennel, black garlic aioli

Salad & Soup

Amatriciana Soup $9
tomato, braised bacon, escabeche

Buffalo Mozzarella $13
strawberry, rhubarb, pistachio

Petite Greens $7
honeycrisp apple, sunflower seeds, sunchoke

Caesar $8
cream cheese croutons, white anchovy, radish, carrot

Wood Oven

Amish Chicken  Thighs $12
pepperoni sauce, braised escarole

Pan Seared Sea Bream $13
spaghetti squash, pine nuts, castelvetrano

Hanger Steak $15
salsify, pancetta, wild mushroom

Charred Octopus $14
tomato mostarda, romaine, mint

Chinatown Ribs $13
pear slaw, carrot, ginger


Ricotta Cavatelli $13
crispy short rib, preserved lemon, carrot

Rigatoni $12
cranberry beans, shishito, bacon

Ravioli $13
ricotta, sausage, peppers

Hand Cut Spaghetti $11
olive oil poached cherry tomatoes, thai basil

Potato Gnocchi $12
pork ragu, whipped ricotta, crispy rosemary


Cherry Pie$13
melted cherry tomatoes, cherry peppers

American Pie $14
tomato, mozzarella, basil

White House $17
tallegio, mozzarella, ricotta, prosciutto, black pepper honey

Countryman $18
black truffle, fontina, soft egg

Dirty South $17
brussels sprouts, braised pork, sweet potato, maple, chili

Porky’s Revenge $17
sopressata, pepperoni, sausage, tomato, mozzarella

Jersey Shore $16
fried calamari, tomato, provolone, cherry pepper aioli

Goodfellas $16
meatballs, tomato, provolone, chili

Hobbit $18
castelrosso cheese, wild mushrooms, lardo, crispy rosemary

Get Him to the Greek $18
lamb, tzatziki, feta, arugula

Flatbread $5
pepperoni sauce

Add Ons to Any Pizza $3
white anchovies, spicy sausage, wild farm greens, farmed egg, prosciutto, mozzarella, pepperoni


Chocolate Budino $8
olive oil gelato, pine nuts, dried cherries

Zeppole $8
salted toffee

Pumpkin Bread Pudding $7
peanut butter gelato, caramel

Spiced Honey Panna Cotta $7
red currant, candied pecans

Gelato $6
seasonal flavors

City Eats Reservations